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Rules to follow at The Marketing Talk

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Welcome to The Marketing Talk! We are excited to have you join this community so you can be empowered in your marketing. In order to foster a rewarding space that can bring enlightenment, there are a few rules:

  • No selling of products or services is allowed on the public forums or clubs, or via private messaging. Violation of this rule will result in account termination with no refund.
  • The Marketing Talk is a positive environment, meaning that: 
    • Bashing of people or businesses is not allowed. Experiences may be pertinent to a conversation, but this is not the place to express judgement. 
    • Members are encouraged to help others through posting of links to information from platforms like Google, Facebook, or online marketing journals. Promoting of your own blog or business will be considered a form of solicitation. 
    • Language and usernames must be family-friendly. 
    • Discussions in the public forms and clubs are to be focused on marketing issues. All other topics, if not related to marketing, such as politics, world events, health issues, etc. will be deleted and the poster notified of the violation. 
    • Harassing language or interactions is not allowed. 
  • This is not a dating service. If you are interested in finding a date, this is not the place to do so.
  • All posts must be made in English. 
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