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Marketing Tools

Are you using the most effective tools to market your business? This forum will be a place to discuss which tools you may or may not be using to advertise your business. 


  1. Tools of Marketing

    Talk to us about the marketing tools that you use; like photo editors etc.

  2. Communication Tools

    Newsletters, SMS / texting, email marketing, social media messaging, online chat. There are now so many ways for your customers and potential customers to reach out to you that it can be confusing. Which are the best tools to help you stay in contact? Discuss here to keep up with the latest online communication trends.

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  3. Reports & Numbers

    Do you have questions about the numbers from your marketing? What do they mean? Where do we find the analytics for google, facebook, or any other marketing platform. This is the perfect place to ask questions and share your best practices.

    • What is a good click through rate?
    • How much should my cost per conversion be?
    • How much do businesses like mine spend on Google Ads? 
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